premier estate staffing agency fee structure guarantee

Agency Fee Structure/Guarantee

1. Premier Estate Staffing Agency charges a fee of 15% of the employee’s first year annual salary. Fees are determined before any deductions are made. You agree, that a fee will be due to the agency, for all applicants that are received from us for your review (via fax, email, telephone, or any other source) that are subsequently hired by you and/or your company.

2. The agency fee is due in a full following one week trial period of employment.

3. For the consideration of the nonrefundable fee paid in full by the employer, the Agency agrees, should the hired employee leave place of employment(either by termination or resignation) within the first 3 months to replace the original applicant with no additional charge.

4. The replacement guarantee applies to the vacated position only. Any material changes in salary range, job duties, hour or conditions will constitute a new search and the agency will try to fill the new positions, but cannot grantee a replacement.

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