"The process for placing compatible domestic staff must be easy and enjoyable or a good decision is impossible to see"

Finding the right compatible domestic staff can be exhausting; searching for the right candidate with out an industry expert can be counterproductive and extremely frustrating sadly leading to very disappointing results and lots of valuable time wasted for all parties involved.
Premier Estate Staffing was established to fill a growing gap in the Domestic Placement Industry
Too often today domestic agencies employ consultants and agents who have no domestic real world experience. This industry inexperience and lack of foresight all to often lead to miss-placements, wasted time, and frustration for both the employer and the candidate.
We have decades of real hands on experience working with High Net Worth individuals, Estates, and Families.
This invaluable first hand experience and foresight translates into candidates that will absolutely meet your expectations, if not exceed them.

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